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Romance, mystery, suspense, intrigue, humor, and much more. When you open a Heart Novel by Lynette Pierce, you leave this world behind and enter a new and exciting dimension that's sure to capture your imagination from the very first page.




 Excellent mix of romance and suspense
By: Annette Langer, Author

I loved these books!  The author had me turning page after page, wishing the book would never end. I never thought I'd find an interest in time travel mixed with romance, but Ms. Pierce is such a skilled and clever author that she got me hooked. It's an intriguing story, with all the right mix of love, loyalty, and suspense!

I just finished reading "Guardian of My Heart" and couldn't put it down. I was breathless practically through the whole book. Lynette Pierce grabs you, draws you in, and holds you there as she spins her fantastic tales!

Lost in love with plenty of adventure
By: Linda Meckler, Author

Great book for losing yourself in. A wonderful story of being suddenly in another dimension and everything we know such as electricity and fast food are gone. You are back in the horse and buggy days with romance and a real family adventure.

By: Pat Goard

Time travel . . . I wasn't enthused but my friend said to read it. So I started this book with a sigh and Wow! I was hooked by the third page. I didn't want to put it down. It is a delightful story, with twists and turns; intrigue and love. I am so glad my friend suggested I read this. I have read the entire series and can hardly wait for the next book. I am giving all 3 as a gift to my daughter, I know she will enjoy them as much as I have. It was such a wonderful and delightful surprise when I read them. I am grateful my friend told me about them.

  Excellent Read
By: Bookworm

This book grabbed me from page one and I couldn't put it down! Ms. Pierce weaves the life of Careen with the lives of Wren and Sheanna Dryden and Wren's brother Connor in another world she suddenly finds herself in. But how did she get there? Can she get back? Will Miles interfere in Connor's interest in Careen? Will Branick be successful in finding the answer to getting Careen back home or will the Guardians stop him and find Careen and the Dryden family out? Ms. Pierce skillfully answers these questions and more by grabbing your attention on page one and then drawing you further and further into the story until you find out like me that you can't stop reading until you find out all the answers and even learn a few lesson of life and love along the way.

By: Maxine Coffey, Sr. Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Wow! Lynette Pierce has successfully spun a story that takes a firm hold on one's attention and doesn't let go until you finish . . . then you wish for a continuation. "Cystal of My Heart" is very refreshing and up-lifting, great for any age. The author expertly combines mystery, romance, science fiction, suspense, compassion, challenge, and creates a love and appreciation of a beautiful family and their lives. It brought back my childhood memories of the experiences of growing up without the "things" we take for granted. This book reminds me that we have gained so much in the name of progress . . . yet, we have also lost a great deal such as family and love. 

Highly recommended!!!
By: D. Izatt

I'm a guy and I really liked this book. (Crystal of My Heart) The picture of the heart on the front threw me off a little bit, but I knew I was hooked the moment I read the first chapter. Lynette's imagination and creative writing style made it easy to immerse myself in this book and wish to live in a more simple time. She masterfully handled a very unimaginable story line, creating something believable enough to place myself into the story and really enjoy the reading.

It takes a lot for my wife to like a book enough to finish the first two chapters. With this book she not only finished in record time, she can't wait for a sequel. I also look forward to a continuation of this story. One of the better books I have ever read that makes you glad you took the time to read it. I highly recommend this to everyone.

A Must Read!!!

An interesting story that keeps you guessing until the end. Once you pick it up you will be unable to put it down. A writer destined to be intriguing us for a long time. A must read!!!

Couldn't put it down
By: Avid Reader

I've already read "Crystal" twice and it was just as good the second time around. I really enjoyed the characters and feel as if I know them personally. I would highly recommend this book--in fact I already have to many of my friends. If you're looking for a fun and interesting story, this is the one.

By: Cari

I really enjoyed Guardian of My Heart. I am not usually a fan of romantic novels, but Lynette Pierce really made these characters likeable and intriguing. This book takes you on an emotional ride all the way to the end. I highly recommend it.

Action, adventure, sword fights, hero and heroine, and yes, romance!
By: Brenda

Not your typical 'between the sheets' type of author, Lynette Pierce keeps her books filled with mystery, action, and romance, and does it all with a reader friendly style that is a joy for all ages. "Guardian of My Heart" is a swashbuckling fast paced adventure based on the tall dark haired scientist of her book "Crystal of My Heart" who now becomes the action hero in "Guardian." The book is easily read on its own accord but is very much enjoyed as the second book in a thrilling series of romances on a world that fears technology or those who would embrace change.

 Romance mystery at its best

Lynette Pierce does it again--a delightful mix of action, romance, and an exciting mystery that keeps you turning the pages until the end. The characters develop from her first book "Crystal of My Heart" but this book can easily be read on its own. I enjoy the author's ability to write a thrilling romance with family values within the context of a science fiction, horse and buggy world, where the heroine is plagued by a venomous and mysterious wolf.

 Wonderful story!!!
By: C Canaday

I read a lot of books and Lynette Pierce's are creative and finely written. I enjoyed it very much.









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